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Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care

The Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care provides anesthesia services to patients undergoing any type of inpatient and outpatient surgeries at the Center.

The Department’s team of skilled and well-experienced anesthesiologists and intensivists are committed to providing the best anesthetic care to our patients, using the most advanced techniques, cutting-edge equipment and safest drugs.

The Department uses the following three types of anesthesia:

  • General anesthesia: the most commonly used type of anesthesia to relieve pain and surgical distress, using either inhaled or injected drugs.
  • Regional anesthesia: blocks the transmission of the pain impulse from peripheral nerves to the central nervous system by administering perineural local anesthetic solution injections. Alternatively, epidural and spinal anesthesia are performed.
  • Combined use of general anesthesia with regional anesthesia. It is advantageous to efficiently block pain and reduce anesthetic doses, thus minimizing the risks of anesthesia.

Our team have academic degrees and considerable clinical experience. In addition to providing medical services, the team of the Department is actively involved in teaching and research activities.

General combined anesthesia (induction)

Placement of central venous catheter

Сonducting research

The Department is conducting research focused on studying the pathophysiological insult of chemoperfusion to the body and the ways to prevent reperfusion injury.

These studies are carried out in our experimental operating theatre using pigs.

Administration of anesthesia

An experimental animal is being prepared for chemoperfusion of the abdominal organs.

The Department is headed by Sergey A. Rosengard, PhD (Medicine).

The Department’s research activities are supervised by Vladimir A. Glutsenko, D.M.Sc. and Professor at the Anesthesiology and Reanimation Department of the Pavlov University.

Our Team:

Yaroslav O. Vedenin, PhD (Medicine), anesthesiologist/intensivist

Leonid V. Gorokhov, PhD (Medicine)

Igor V. Dunaevskiy, PhD (Medicine)

Olga Y. Zamiralova, PhD (Medicine)

Valeri V. Malychenko, PhD (Medicine)

Maria V. Mitrokhina, PhD (Medicine)

Irina V. Popel, PhD (Medicine)

Alla A. Ryazankina, PhD (Medicine)

Inna S. Borzykh

Vladislav E. Ishkaraev

Fedor A. Kononets

Ekaterina G. Kremzel

Evgeni V. Naperov

Aleksey A. Nikolaev

Evgeniy S. Nyukhlov

Tatiana N. Sapronova

Aleksey N. Semenov

Nelya Z. Khestanova

Elena A. Khokhlova

Anton M. Shabut

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