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For booking medical appointments:
8 (812) 43-99-555 Monday-Sunday
from 9:00 to 21:00

Hospital care

N.N.Petrov National Medical Research center of Oncology is Federal Medical Institutional. Patients from all regions of Russia are admitted to the hospital for free (annually more than 13 thousand patients from Russia and the CIS).

Multitasking and well-equipped clinics of the center, the highest qualification of medical professionals allow to provide medical care at the level of world standards. The treatment of patients is carried out according to the modern methodology which is based on a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment and well-coordinated team work.

Hospital care at the N.N. Petrov NMRC of Oncology is free of charge for patients in two ways:

  • Provision of specialized health care at the expense of health insurance;
  • Provision of heath care from Federal budget;
  • Treatment for a fee is possible.

Directions of hospital care at the N.N.Petrov NMRC of Oncology:

  • X-ray therapy;
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Surgical attacks for malignant, benign neoplasms and for suspected neoplasms;
  • Complicated cases of invasive diagnostic interventions requiring hospitalization and follow-up in hospital;
  • Symptomatic treatment for malignant neoplasms requiring hospitalization.


For hospitalization following documents are needed:

  • Internal passport of Russia;
  • Medical insurance policy;
  • Personal insurance policy number (SNILS);
  • Analyzes (counts) and studies required for hospitalization;
  • Direction according to the 057- U form.

+ Copies:

  • Passport (the first page and the page with registration);
  • Medical insurance policy (on both sides);
  • SNILS (Recto).


What you can take with you for a comfortable hospital stay

If additional examinations and analyzes are needed, they can be carried out only on a fee basis. Patients can do additional analyzes and examinations free of charge at the place of registration. At the hospital care stage, all the most advanced types of research are free for patients.

Patients from regions of the Russian Federation can get advice on the possibility of hospital care cancer treatment in St. Petersburg at the N.N. Petrov NMRC of Oncology on the basis of a study of medical documents. For this you need to send scans or photos of all documents to the center by e-mail: 4399555@niioncologii.ru: all available releases, analyzes, examinations results, CT scans, MRI scans, x-rays.

Our experts will analyze them and make a preliminary conclusion: whether we can help, or you need to submit to tests that are not enough for the conclusion.

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