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For booking medical appointments:
8 (812) 43-99-555 Monday-Sunday
from 9:00 to 21:00


Patients who want to undergo treatment in the hospital of our center have a lot of questions: from the opportunity to be treated by our specialists to the list of necessary documents and the order of registration for treatment.

Nonresident patients are particularly difficult to navigate, because they need to come here for few days, and besides it’s important to do everything correctly without losing time.

All patients, who want to undergo treatment in our center, should be familiarized with the order of hospitalization of cancer patients in the N.N.Petrov NMRC of Oncology:

  1. Please call us: (812) 43-99-555, make an appointment with pediatric oncologist. Bring with: all documents and test results.
  2. The doctor may order additional tests if necessary. The patient should understand that all outpatient diagnostic services in the N.N.Petrov NMRC of Oncology  are only paid, because  the center is not included in the Health insurance system for outpatient care.  Residents of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region can do tests for fee at the place of residence. For nonresident patients there is an opportunity to send in the center all scans or medical images with the results of the examinations by e-mail oncl@rion.spb.ru. Our experts will analyze them and tell if we can help in this case and what analyzes are not enough for a conclusion. The answer is usually given within 1-2 weeks. In all cases, without exception, in order to clarify the diagnosis, it’s necessary to carry out a revision of the histological material in the laboratory of the N.N.Petrov NMRC of Oncology. It can be done remotely.
  3. Next steps: if the doctor at the primary consultation offers hospitalization of a patient, he sends the patient for the consultation to the head of the department where the patient is offered treatment. The head of the department examines patient’s documents, examines the patient, assesses the condition and possible treatments.
  4. The decision on possible medical care in the framework of the CHI or HTMC  is made by the medical board. A protocol is being compiled and with the rest of other documents is submitted to the High-Tech Medical Care section of the Health care Committee. Saint- Petersburg:  HTMC City organizational and methodological Department (30 Shpakina Street, Saint-Petersburg) Leningrad region through the  HTMC regional department  (Leningrad regional hospital,  49 Lunacharsky  Prospect, Saint-Petersburg). N.N.Petrov NMRC of Oncology takes on submission of documents for residents of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Medical commission appoints the day of hospitalization. Situations are different, sometimes you need to wait a few days, sometimes a week, a maximum – two weeks.
    On admission a referral from the attending physician to the place of residence is necessary.
  5. 5. On the day of hospitalization you need to bring with:
    • Russian passport + photocopies (pages with photos and registration);
    • for children: certificate of birth of the patient and passport of one of the parents;
    • OMI Policy + photocopy;
    • SNILS +photo copy;
    • tests and research required for hospitalization;
Anesthesiologist’s consultation

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