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Department of general medicine and functional diagnostics

The physicians of the Department provide consultation, treatment and diagnostic services to inpatients and outpatients undergoing various types of treatment at the Center.

The each specialist of the Department has at least 5 years of clinical experience and a qualification category, routinely undergoes training, and uses the latest guidelines on diagnosis and treatment.

The Department:

  • diagnoses and treats internal diseases in inpatients of the Center’s clinic;
  • provides consultation services to patients before their admission to the clinic;
  • performs pre-surgery preparation of patients aimed at treating comorbidities;
  • assesses the condition of a patient to determine the surgical risks together with their treating physician and anesthesiologist;
  • performs the full scope of function and diagnostic tests;
  • participates in clinical trials conducted in cooperation with treatment, diagnostic and research divisions of the Center.

The diagnostic capabilities of the Department allow it to perform the full range of tests and examinations within the shortest possible times to objectively assess the risks of a selected treatment provided in cancer hospital environment.

The specialists of the Department, including cardiologists and nephrologists, provide consultation services to patients daily.


  • The Department’s nephrologists provide medical care to cancer patients with chronic kidney diseases.
  • They also provide preventive care to patients undergoing chemotherapy to ensure early detection of toxic nephropathy.
  • And they followup with patients who have suffered acute renal failure.

It is important to remember that kidney diseases may cause kidney tissue sclerosis and renal failure over time. Early detection in conjunction with proper treatment can lead to long-lasting remission of a disease in most patients.


  • The cardiologists of the Department provide medical care to cancer patients with heart diseases.
  • They specialize in diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions of the cardiovascular system, such as hypertensive emergency, acute myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, etc.
  • They also provide prevention and treatment of cardiac toxicity caused by chemotherapy agents.

Every day the Department performs more than 70 electrocardiograms, more than 20 echocardiograms, 10 spirograms, as well as 24-hour ECG and BP monitoring.

The Department of General Medicine and Functional Diagnostics performs the following tests:

The Department is headed by Dr Larisa I. Melnik, who is a functional diagnostician.

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